WAT is based on a free membership philosophy, the organization runs without a budget. Therefore we are happy to receive support from sponsors.


We’re always looking for opportunities to engage the industry either as individual members or collectively as a group. Sponsorship in this case could include passes or invitations to conferences, events or perhaps membership in other relevant industry forums.

We look to coordinate meet-ups at connected vehicle events around the Bay Area and beyond. Check the events calendar for upcoming opportunities. Or if you know of events WAT members should attend, drop us a line and we will share the information.

WAT members have expertise on a wide range of auto tech domains and hold a variety of positions including engineers, executives, marketers, and business development professionals. We know and love automobiles and technology. We are drivers – in more ways than one. And many of us love speaking publically. If you are looking for a woman subject matter expert, drop us a line.


WAT provides a forum for members to share insights and discuss trends impacting automotive technologies and the overall industry. Women can learn directly from other automotive professionals in a comfortable environment.


Happy Hour and other social functions are typically non-hosted events; every member pays her own way. Sponsorship in this case is typically in the form of buying a bottle of wine or a cheese plate for all the women to share.

Please contact Luisa Elkins at watsponsorship@gmail.com if you’re interested in hosting or sponsoring a WAT event.

*While men are not members, we do welcome male allies to join select events.